about LipFish

LipFish is a Swedish design label with the aim to make colourful and fun clothes and toys for children up to eight years of age. We want to spread happiness with our high quality clothes.

How it all started
LipFish was founded in 2006 by Jenny Boije almost at the same time as she had her first son Max. Thanks to an enthusiastic response at a local design market fair in Stockholm she decided to start a small scale company, teamed up with a swedish agent and made a simple web page. With the help of that web page and what proved to be a popular concept LipFish has expanded. From June 2007 LipFish is a limited liability company.


All clothes are made in Turkey and the toys are made in China. The production of the organic clothes is according to the most well known standard for organic textiles. The producer is certified, but since we don’t have a certificate of our own we can not write that on the label.

The non organic garment is produced at the same factory. This factory also has the well known certificate for good working conditions.

As much as we would like to have the whole production organic – it is not possible due to the prices. Our garments is very sustainable when it comes to using them any way. You can easily use a garment for at least three kids. The piece will keep color and shape washing after washing.